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The Birth of an Empire

Growing up in Madison, Illinois as a young boy my goal was to revitalize my hometown. To inspire the youth and show them that we can do anything we put our mind to. Little did I know empowering my hometown was just the beginning of my journey....

Starting my football career with the JJK Flames really made me a dog. I fell in love with the rawness of the game. The flow state achieved while on the field was unlike anything else I had experienced in life.

As I grew I grew more in love with the game.

Playing high school football at Edwardsville High showed me that this wasn’t just my plan, this was God’s plan for me. The alignment was DIVINE.

Playing ball and going to school at the University of Nebraska expanded my vision & helped me discover power within. It allowed me to embrace the infinite opportunity of becoming. Confidence and purpose shined bright.

Accomplishing a lifelong dream of being drafted to the NFL (2016 96th overall pick, New England Patriots) was AWESOME. Anything felt possible and God shined through it all.

Winning Super Bowl LI cemented my team and I in history. The greatest comeback of all time!

The NFL brought experiences in my life that will live within me forever. It taught me so much about who I am and helped push me toward my ultimate passion of being a helping presence in the world. The injuries I suffered during my playing career plus daily pain I suffer from after the game gave me the motivation and inspiration to create formVtion. Those injuries also taught me a valuable life lesson, pliability. Be pliable. Be able to adapt and adjust to any and everything life throws at you.

As I transition away from football and into formVtion I begin with a rekindled flame. A heart that is driven by love, a mind that is guided by servitude and a spirit that is moved by grace! With formVtion my goal is to bring every person that interacts with us to a better connection within. From physical to mental health, we will thrive! 

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